Simple Fitness Page is up again!

Simple Fitness Page is up again!

Ok, I’ve been really slacking on my web page! I’m so sorry! I’ve gotten caught up on IG and my FB page and it’s hard to be updating them all 3 but I’m having more and more clients training online and I need to get on it! So be patient as I catch us all up to speed again! If you haven’t , check out my IG and my FB page. I’ve had lots of new things going on 🙂

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Julian’s Journey Weeks 4-7

There was a schedule change for Julian and had company in town so we’ve been thrown off our normal schedule.

He did have some “fun” with company and gained 4 pounds..that took a little over a week to get off.

Now eating is back on track and training about 2x a week until we figure out a new schedule. When he’s not training with me he is still getting in some cardio with running.

End of week 7:
Starting weight: 256.6
Current weight: 244.8
Total lost: 12 pounds


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Chicken Thigh Salad

Made an easy lunch today. Used left over grilled chicken thighs-chopped, 1 small avocado-diced and salsa over a bed of spinach.


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Julian’s Journey- Week 4

Week 4 has been really good. There was a 2 pound weight gain but he lost that 2 pounds plus 1 for a total of 3 pounds lost this week. Some struggles this week were keeping consistent with the water intake and eating more frequently. One goal this week was to get in dinner by 7:30 PM and that has been going good.

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Julian’s Journey Week 3

Week 3 has been good! Some struggles are keeping motivated at times, he feels good though and feeling thinner in the waist. Eating has been really good. His progress on weight loss is what’s keeping his eye on the prize! There was 1 missed appointment due to sleeping through the alarm clock but he made up for that workout and boy did he pay for it, hense the fetal postion picture haha! We did the Cardio Circuit, that day hehe.

One of my goals for him is a pull up, so we will be working on that in the coming weeks! Great job Julian, keep up the good work.

Starting weight: 256.6 End of week 3: 247.6 Loss of: 9 pounds





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Cardio Circuit

Getting bored of the same ol’ cardio routine? Hitting a plateau? Here is a high intensity workout to break thru that ol’ routine and that plateau! Continue reading

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Julians Progress Week 1-2

So week one was really good! Very motivated I received pictures of all his meals, got in a gallon of water daily.

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