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My name is Krista Estrada, I’m a native to Arizona and still here, doubt I will ever leave, I’m not made for the snow, haha. I’m a mother to a very active and smart 5 year old boy who needs to stop growing. I’m a wife and have my hands full with these two boys. I had a passion for fitness long ago, I wanted to be a trainer, that was my “dream job” but I didn’t have a trainers body or really know what I was doing, so I just didn’t do it. I worked at a bank and then had my son, stayed home with him while I did some transcribing for a little bit, that was SO not my thang or my passion. I was missing passion! For me that’s the only way to live life, full of whatever you are passionate about. Well, I finally looked into becoming a trainer after about 6 years. I decided I was going to quit fearing it and just do it! Maybe I could inspire others, I definitely didn’t have the body and wasn’t too confident with my own self but I knew what I loved and I loved that feeling after a workout, I loved guiding and showing my friends workouts, I loved learning about food and how to use it as fuel and to nourish our bodies.

I first started training my little sister and it’s been 3 years since I’ve been certified. I started training her and would drive 45 minutes to her, I barely took payment, about $20 a week to see her 3x a week, I had a couple sets of dumbbells, resistance bands and some boxes the husband made. I literally started from the ground up! I know have converted my master bedroom into a gym, full of gym flooring, squat/bench rack, dumbbells, and the list goes on. I do boot camps with battling ropes, tractor tires, a sled and more than enough weights. I dream big and strive to be better. I’m always learning and always devoting myself to my clients. I want you to reach your goal if not more than you do. I want you to feel that feeling of self worth and confidence. Everyone deserves that!

I have completed a full marathon, which I never ever thought was possible, I have changed my entire life with being healthy and fit. I’m now training for my very first fitness show, which I’m not going to lie, scares the living crap out of me. The training and eating, ok, I can do that, but that STAGE! ahhh but you know what, you have to do things that scare you or you will always stay the same, you never know what you could be if you don’t take chances.

Just remember, be the very best you that you can be!



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  1. Jessie Kutz says:

    I have none Krista for several years before she was Personal Trainer. She is an amazimg young women. She has heart and compassion as a human being and as a Personal Trainer she is passionate to her core. She and I would work out at the gym side by side when she was just out of high school and she gave me the motavation I needed to push thru the hour back then and I carried that motivation on for years after that. I always pictured her beside during my workouts and that kept me going. I missed her ! The past year and a half I have slacked off and gotten myself in a little wieght trouble and out of condition. I am so happy to know that I will be having the best PT ever on my side again. I’m ready Krista !!!

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