Investments?  Yes because you truly are investing in your health!! It doesn’t get better than that!

1st session is half off!  For existing clients…refer a friend and you’ll receive a free session!

$30 a session for 50 minutes


5% discount on package of 6

10% discount on package of 12

25% discount on package of 36

For 6 sessions– $170 (savings of $10) (Lasts 2 weeks IF training 3 times a week)

For 12 sessions-$320 (savings of $40) (Lasts 4 weeks IF training 3 times a week)

For 36 sessions-$810 (savings of $110) (Lasts 12 weeks IF training 3 times a week)

Multiples 2+

$20 per session, per person

For 6 sessions- $110 each person

For 12 sessions- $200 each person

For 36 sessions- $540 each person

**Recommended to do at least 3 times a week to see the best results!**

You can use sessions as you wish as well, 3 times is just recommended so if not coming 3 times a week then you may need to implement a workout on your own time for the best results!  I have some clients come once a week or even once every 2 weeks just to get started.  They’re your sessions and you use them as you wish!

 This price includes a 50 minute workout, body compositions every 2 weeks, before and after pictures, a diet plan and helping you to learn how to shop, cook and eat healthier!  I’m not done training you when we’re done with our workout!  I want you to succeed as much as you want to!

Cant make it to a session??  No worries I can write up a workout plan for you whether it be at home or in the gym.  Each workout plan is $10! 

Want to know you’re body fat, food plan and daily calories??  I can do body compostions, before pictures and a 1 week diet plan specific to you for $30!

 You can come to me or I can come to you.  (Price may change slightly depending on where you live if wanting me to come to you).   My goal is to help you meet your goals and to help you live a happy healthy life!!  Let’s get started on a new you, today!!


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