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Greek Salad with Ground Beef

Here is one that I got from my friend Davery Morris.  This Greek salad with ground beef is a good way to re-use some left over meat that you have and to ramp it up with some protein! Thanks for the recipe Davery!  … Continue reading

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Chicken and Orange Salad

Here is a clean eating recipe that my friend Heather Boyd sent over to me.  This looks delish!  What is clean eating?  Clean eating is eating whole natural foods that are unprocessed.  This is a quick recipe that the whole … Continue reading

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Snacks for the 2 year old

I’ve had some questions about snack ideas for the toddler.  Here is a list of healthy treats that Micah loves. Smoothies – any kind but is favorite is strawberry and banana Hard boiled eggs Raisins Apple slices with all natural almond … Continue reading

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Total Body Circuit- (part 1)

This workout can be modified to make it easier but I would say it’s more of an intermediate to advanced workout.  If you’re a beginner start with my 30 minute fat blasting workout for at least 2-4 weeks first before … Continue reading

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Today’s circuit

Today’s circuit was so tough with all the heat but we didn’t let that stop us.  From crawling down a hill-side to a 5:00 minute and 10 second plank competition that I had to call off, it was awesome!!  I’m so … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget

Hey everyone!  Don’t forget tomorrow is the circuit training.  The location changed to Meadow Green Park off of Lindsay and Pueblo (right before Broadway).  It’s $5 and you can bring a friend for free.  Bring a large towel or mat … Continue reading

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Is your workout regimen well rounded?

Over time I have noticed that you see some people that just work upper body (mainly the men) with not very much leg work or cardio.  They look strong but probably can’t do 1 single pull up.  You see the runners that … Continue reading

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