What to Expect

Expect to get kicked into the best shape of your life!!  When you train with me, I keep you accountable not only to me but to yourself.  I don’t just train you for the 50 minutes, I will shop with you, show you how to plan your meals and not just for yourself but for the whole family.  It’s so important to teach our kids how to eat healthy.  If we teach them then they will carry it onto their families and so on.  We could totally change the obesity epidemic in America!  Eating is a HUGE part of it.  You can put in hours at the gym and it won’t do anything for you if you don’t change your eating.  I’m here for you when you have a question about an ingredient or you really want that ice cream but need the help saying no.  It truly helps to have someone who you’re accountable to, I have clients say they were going to eat that piece of pizza but thought of me being there and that gave them the control to say no.  I help you take your life back!  I teach you how to have control over your actions, we set weekly goals and specific workouts that you will need to get done on your own (if not coming to me as often as needed) and then I check on you to be sure you’re getting them done.  We also have challenges between all the clients to keep it fun and interesting and it keeps you pushing to be a better you!  Whether your goals are to eat healthier, lose weight, tone up or just to be pushed past your comfort zone I will and want to be there every step of the way.  I make it an easy transition and will come into your home to even teach you how to prepare and cook for the week.  Living a happy, healthy life shouldn’t be difficult, it should be simple and that’s what I’m about.  I’m here to show you what benefits an active healthy lifestyle can bring into your home.


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