Cardio Circuit

Getting bored of the same ol’ cardio routine? Hitting a plateau? Here is a high intensity workout to break thru that ol’ routine and that plateau!

If you have a smart phone there is an app called Advanced Interval Timer, it’s free. It’s amazing for intervals, beeps at you when time is up so you’re not having to even worry about watching the clock. Here is how you will enter this workout in your timer:

Total time of workout: 21 minutes
Station Time: 30 sec
Number of Stations: 5
Rest after Station: 0
Rest after Round: 1:30
Number of Rounds: 6
*Try to do 2 full sets of this workout, giving yourself about 8 minutes recovery after the first 6 rounds*

Station Time: 20 Sec
Number of Stations: 5
Rest after Station: 10 sec
Rest after Round: 1:30- 2:00 min
Number of Rounds: 6

The moves:
1. High Knees
2. Burpees
3. Moving Plank
4. Squat Jumps
5. Low Jacks

To add intensity to this workout add some dumbbells to the burpees, squat jumps and low jacks…You’ll have dumbbells on shoulders as shown in halfway point of moving plank switch the elbow that lands first, also a modified version of the moving plank is knees down on the ground, keep hips down.



About kestrada11

I love a challenge and love to challenge people to be their best!
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