Paleo Eating and Running

So lately I have been struggling with my paleo eating and running.  I felt zapped of all energy so I added in some oatmeal and other grains to help me through my longer run days and then I got caught up in the whole carb-loading thing before the race.  I have to say I have never felt so gross.  I was 5 pounds heavier than normal and just felt sluggish.  I was talking to my husband’s cousin whom is very knowledgable and started eating paleo.  He told me I should be able to do my distance runs while eating paleo.  I’ll just dig more into my fat storage instead of the carbohydrate storage.  So this has been sitting with me and I’ve been thinking about it.  I’ve always been taught that carbohydrates will burn more efficiently as fuel, so when my energy went down, I thought well maybe I need more carbs.  Then I thought, my body can burn fat as fuel and wouldn’t I want to burn fat?  It’s hard because there are so many different diets out there and most of them are fad diets, it gets pretty frustrating.  I know I get frustrated.  I feel if your one of those that wants to eat healthy you can, try not to be overwhelmed by all the diets out there.  Think the obvious, eat whole natural foods and steer clear from the processed boxed foods! 

So over the weekend I’ve been thinking “could I really run distance without grains?”, and just today I get an email from about how to run on a paleo diet.  Really??  There’s actually an ultra-marathoner Robb Evans whom eats paleo and runs and is at his best since going to paleo eating!  That’s amazing, because for me I feel I’m at my best when I have no grains and eating paleo.  I’m going to play around with eating more fat (good fats that is) and using that for my energy and will keep you all updated on how it works for me.  Here is the link to the article.

If you’re eating whole, clean, natural foods then you’re good.  You will know what works for your body.  Some are vegetarian, some dairy free, some gluten-free.  Maybe start by removing one food group at a time.  experiment to see how your body feels.  For instance most people are lactose intolerant and don’t even know it, so maybe try to take dairy out for a week, then slowly add it back if you wish, then analyze how your body feels, you could also try this with gluten, beans or grains (during this time it helps to be writing a food journal). You are the only one that knows your body and how it works best.  Try not to fret over all the diets out there.  Be conscious of your eating and really try to get in loads of fruits and veggies daily.  Make a goal for the week to eat 5-6 servings of fresh leafy greens, daily.  Then observe how you feel, I bet you’ll feel less bloated.  Better yet, try juicing your fruits and veggies, you’ll get more of them in.  When eating fresh you feel fresh, your skin feels clean and clear, your mood is good and life is good!  Enjoy and live your life to its fullest.


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