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For quite some time now I have been researching juicers and it’s been on my “want” list for awhile.  We decided on one that we wanted but the price was pretty stiff.  My husband and I just had our 5 year anniversary so we decided to bite the bullet and invest in a good juicer. 

Hey we want to spend a life time together so might as well invest in our health, right?  We got the Omega VRT350 juicer, it’s a masticating one.  To see the difference between a centrifugal and masticating juicers see this site http://www.juicingbook.com/centrifugal-masticating-juicers

We wanted to be able to do wheat grass and wanted our juicer to be more efficient.  So that’s why we chose the masticating one.  Anyways it’s been almost a month and we each said we have to have at least 1 juice a day, I have to say I have 2-3 juices a day.  I absolutely love that I can throw in two huge handfuls of raw spinach, celery, carrots and a lime and get all the goodness in a juice.  I normally don’t eat just handfuls of raw spinach, so just think of the benefits of it, in the raw!  Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is the richest available food source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Usually we can’t get enough fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies the proper way.  Just think of eating handfuls of spinach, parsnips, whole beets, whole carrots all in the raw, not gonna happen but if you juice it you get all the wonderful benefits that these veggies have, not to mention you suddenly have more energy than you know what to do with.

I understand getting a juicer is a little pricy, but think of your life and how you can change yourself from the inside out.  Plus if you have kiddos you can literally get all the veggies and fruits they need for their little bodies in juice.  I can’t keep my little guy away from it, he loves all the juices even the green ones!  You’ll notice that suddenly the acne goes away, you can avoid premature aging, asthma and the list is endless on what a diet high in fruits and veggies can do for your body.  So if it’s not in your means now, maybe see if someone has one that their not using that you can borrow, look on Craigslist, it’s the holidays and people start selling all their kitchen appliances that they don’t use anymore, also eBay will have good deals.  If you just want a cheaper one to start with go for the Jack Lalanne one, I saw it at Fry’s for $100.  You could also try a really good blender, it doesn’t make it a juice but some may like the smoothie texture.  Now get juicing for you healthier better you!


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