This weeks easy lunches

This week I have been having Trader Joes all chicken hot dogs with no preservatives.  At 60 calories a piece I have about 2 they have 9 grams of protein per each.  Yesterday I paired it with some baby carrots and grapes and today I had it with a personal sized cantaloupe.  Sorry no picture today, but thought I’d throw out an easy lunch or even snack idea!  Sometimes a salad just doesn’t sound appetizing to me!


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2 Responses to This weeks easy lunches

  1. Heather Boyd says:

    That sounds super simple and super yummy!

    I don’t think this is Paleo (something tells me it totally isn’t) but I saw a great recipe for salmon wrap ups on’s FB page. You take salmon (canned or fresh and mix it with a little fat free cream cheese and greek yogurt and chopped onion, spread on a whole wheat tortilla, and top with veggies. I tried it and it is SO good! They had an article with a bunch of yummy recipes. Today I had a WW pita and filled it with avocado slices, apple slices, tuna and spinach. That was good too. I am definitely on a salad strike. I overdid it the past 2 weeks :-/

    • kestrada11 says:

      That sounds good! It’s not paleo, but clean! If you want snap a pic and I’ll put it on my site. I need to have a few more clean eating recipes on my site 🙂 Your lunch today sounds yummy too! Yes I agree, salads no matter how many different ways you make them just get old after having them everyday 🙂 It’s good to switch it up!

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