Tuna Kale Salad

This is about 1-2 servings.  I made it for lunch and really didn’t measure the ingredients exactly.  I had a little left over and went to get it out of the fridge after training a client and the hubby had eaten it!  He really liked it so I guess this one is a keeper!  Very simple to make.

3 Kale leaves, cut off stem and chopped

1/2 Red bell pepper, chopped

1 Tomato, chopped

2 green onions, diced

2 cans of tuna (I always rinse canned products to rinse any access salt off)

1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds


2 tbsp spicy brown mustard

2-4 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp dried dill

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. In a large bowl add the salad ingredients.  In a small bowl whisk together the dressing ingredients and add to large bowl and toss and serve!



About kestrada11

I love a challenge and love to challenge people to be their best!
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3 Responses to Tuna Kale Salad

  1. Brianna Estrada says:

    this looks soo good! I love tuna.

  2. Heather Boyd says:

    Looks delicious!!!!

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