Energy Drinks

 I advise all of my clients to steer clear from these sugary-caffeine loaded drinks.  For starters the makers of these drinks are not obligated to label the amounts caffeine in them and they are not FDA approved.  Some of the drinks have as much caffeine as found in 14 cans of soda!!   With such a high dose of caffeine it can do a number on your body.  Some side effects are high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and dizziness and it has been known to cause irregular heart beats.  Not to mention the high levels of sugar found in them.

 You may get some energy in the short-term but what goes up must come down, right?  You’re going to crash!  Why not just get your energy the good old-fashioned way.  When I’m feeling a little sluggish and need a boost of energy I go for some nice juicy fruit.  Try an orange or plum with some hard-boiled eggs.  Your insulin level will stay lower so you won’t have a spike of energy that will only come crashing down.  Also get moving, you burn energy you get energy!  When needing or wanting some caffeine just go for the natural.  A good cup of joe, and not the sugary syrup kind, but go for a cup of  black coffee or add some coconut milk for some flavor if the black is too much for you.  Also try some herbal teas.  Really try to make it goal to write these out of your diet plan, you’ll feel amazing and have more energy than you ever thought you could!


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